Large Round Balloons

Large Round Balloons

Awesome 3 foot latex balloons are perfect for modern event decorating. These stunning balloons catch the eye and show that simple is beautiful. There are many colours so you can find a shade suitable for a vibrant Rio party, themed footy function, glamorous graduation to an elegant wedding. Please contact us to help you find the best colour for your special event.

3 Foot Balloons, big is better

These balloons will float for 1 to 2 days untreated, but some colours look best for the first 24 hours. The balloons can be treated with Hi-float for extended float time for an additional cost.

Special Finishing Touches

The decor effect of these giant balloons can be customised with different trimmings to suit your special event. Various ribbons, weights and accessories can be used to enhance the balloons. Other latex balloons can also be added to create giant balloon arrangements. Please contact us to discuss your needs and special requests.

Extra WOW Ribbons, Tassels, Tulle and Tails

Please contact us for more details so we can help make it perfect for your special event.

Events - Parties - Weddings - Graduations

Please contact us for a quote if you need lots of these balloons for your special event.

90cm Balloon Colours

Popular 3 foot balloon colours include white, red, pink, blue, purple, black, gold, silver and ivory. There is also a limited range of print designs available on these giant balloons eg Happy Birthday. Not all colours shown, most popular listed below- please ask if you need a different colour. Jewel shades also available.

Balloon Colours

Matt 90cm            
White Dark Blue Red Green Orange Pale Pink Pale Blue
Black Rose Blush Wintergreen Tropical Teal       Goldenrod      Purple Violet
Chocolate Ivory Silk     Spring Lilac    

Robin's Egg Blue      

Lime Green Wildberry  
Metallic 75cm            
Gold Silver          
Pearl 75cm            
White Ivory   Pink Lemon Chiffon Light Blue    

These balloons are available in a wide range of colours, please contact us if you would like assistance to determine the best colour or colours for your event.

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